Employee Productivity: Apparently it’s Not About Where They Work

Call us Crazy, but we just can’t seem to agree with a certain Yahoo CEO who believes that communication and collaboration can only take place when employees work side-by-side. In fact, we feel that by allowing workplace flexibility, a company is almost sure to increase their employees’ productivity and job satisfaction.

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How to Collaborate Securely

In today’s world, business collaboration is vital to any company’s success. Teams must work together to brainstorm new ideas, develop new products, create new solutions for their customers, and provide exceptional service. Without teamwork, organizations cannot prosper.

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What is Collaboration?

Ask someone, “What is collaboration?” and chances are the response you get will have something to do with teamwork. Generally speaking, collaboration simply means a group of people working cohesively to achieve a common goal. But the way collaboration is accomplished is far more difficult to define than what the term means.

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What is Cloud Computing?

You’ve likely heard the term “cloud computing” tossed around at networking events or among your closest group of professional friends, but what is this elusive cloud?

The most basic definition of cloud computing is a way to store and deliver information over a network. Usually, this network is the Internet, which in today’s modern world seems to be accessible almost anywhere you reach. So what does the cloud mean for you and your business? And how can having access to the Internet help your company grow?

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How to Collaborate With a Client

Congratulations! You have just signed up another new client to your business and now you are ready to start the process of turning this client into a loyal customer. The sales process does not stop once a person purchases your goods or services and therefore, long-term collaboration is essential to the growth of your business.

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Why are we in business?

An important question for any small business owner to step back and ask themselves is “Why am I doing this?”  Sure, money is nice, but it’s not always flowing in as much as you’d like.  So there must be another reason why you stay in business and work as many hard hours as you do. 

This question was brought up to us very recently, and it allowed our core team to take a step back and determine what it was that drove us to go to work.  Here’s what we came up with.

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The Guilt of Working from Home

You’re a smart business owner, or employee of a small business.  You work hard, dedicate hours outside of the office to your job, yet when you’re not the first to arrive in the morning, you still feel guilty.  Does this sound familiar?  For many people this is a reality, but the extreme shift our society is seeing toward mobile devices is changing the way we work. 

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How to Work Smarter Not Harder

What are your set hours in your workday?  Do you arrive at the office the same time each morning, and leave around the same time each day?

If so, I’m confident that you’ve had plenty of days where you leave and wonder what you accomplished that day.  Sure, you attended meetings.  You probably also worked on reports or charted numbers.  But what did you actually accomplish that propelled your business and your career forward? 

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